Essay: Database Models

Essay: Database Models
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Hierarchical Model

The hierarchical data model sets the information in the tree-like structure. A record can have repetitive information in the child sector generally. Data is compiled in a series which have certain fields attached to it as well. It keeps all the attributes together considering them as a single record type. The hierarchical structure carries Parent-Child Relation to create links between these record types. There is a one-to-many style of relationship between the records.

Modeling of the Skateboard Shop Database

A hierarchical model of the database for the Skateboard shop is given below, showing the relationship of fields in parent-child relationship manner. Here the supplier table is the parent data provider for the field of one of the child data fields.  (Lashenko)

Network Model

The network model consists of sets constructed to build a network. A set comprises of an owner record type, a name for the set and member record types. These member record types tend to be present in more than one set, therefore, a concept of multi-parenting is maintained. Unlike the hierarchical model, the network structure bases on a many-to-many relationship i.e. a parent record can have many child records and a single child record can have various parent records.

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