Essay: Database Privacy Issues

Essay: Database Privacy Issues
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Project Background


The rapid advancement in the use of information technology has also resulted in increased usage of the database for storage of Information. Newer technologies such data mining use the stored data in such a way that not only permit the quick access to deeply buried information but they also allow for evaluation of the information from a new perspective. This information and evaluation are used by businesses to not only enhance their performance but also allow them to make a critical business decision.

On the other hand, the wide use of the Internet has also prompted various businesses to integrate databases with their websites, which are not only used to store transactional information but also the customer’s personal information as well. This introduces the issues of protection of privacy of the information stored in the database. Any unauthorized access to the database not only compromises the privacy of the user data but can also result in loss of confidential information about the organization if its use in a business environment is concerned (Thuraisingham).


The goal of this research will be to investigate the issues related to database management which could result in comprise of data privacy. It will also investigate the proposed solutions that have presented in the prior literature.

Significance of the Research

Database privacy concerns have always been a discussion point in much of the literature available on the Internet related to databases. One of the major database privacy issues in business organizations has been the access to unavailable information through inference on accessible data (Thuraisingham). Various solutions have been proposed in literature such a Purpose-Base Access Control System for Relational Databases (Byun and Li) and Implementation of Database inference controller (Thuraisingham, Ford, and Collins).  Privacy also becomes an issue when information needs to be shared between two databases. One of the solutions presented in the available literature to resolve this issue is a method for minimal information sharing across multiple databases by developing a new protocol (Agrawal, Evfimievski, and Srikant). Sharing of data with anonymity has also been discussed in the literature. Latanya Sweeney, in her paper, has proposed a solution to this issue which is to make the data of the customer k-anonymous before presenting it into a public domain (Sweeney). In addition, recent advancement of technologies related to mobile devices has also brought to light the privacy concerns in a location independent environment (Mokbel). The focus of this research will be on the recent issues related to the database privacy which includes design of an architecture which could deal with issues related to privacy in location based applications while introducing minimum complexity and overhead (Mokbel), as well as design of new generalized data folding techniques which would improve the privacy of stored data in data warehouses (Kozielski and Wrembel).

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