Essay: Death and Bereavement

Essay: Death and Bereavement
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She lives a very calculated life and intends to take pleasure in any advantages she can achieve. Her organization of values is both individual and extremely self-centered, but it is a structure that serves her desires. Further in the play she destroys the system until she sees all authority relinquished to others. This is a situation that she finds unbearable, so much so that she would rather kill herself than live it. Eilert is the person she idealized but under the suppression of society and relationships he is unable to survive the idealistic world of Hedda. However he kills himself and Hedda believes this was a right thing to do. “Eilert has himself made up his account with life. He has had the courage to do—the one right thing” (Act 4, line161, p.376).

Eilert’s suicide prevents her from accomplishing the task of living her life her way and moreover Brack’s threatening shows her that she will never be able to achieve this idealistic world. Drastically, she decides to kill herself in the same manner as Eilert and perhaps instinctively emulating the man she had previously idealized. The cause of her death was her inability to confront the suffocation she was bearing due to her marriage and the role of motherhood that the society has framed for her.

With the death of these characters we clearly identify that in death and bereavement all people are same regardless of their views on life in the world.

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