Essay: Death of a Salesman

Essay: Death of a Salesman
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Reputation is one of Willy’s underlying concerns in Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman. He believed that to succeed one needs to be famous and socially acceptable. He rejoices his son’s fame in school, declaring that it is greatly more significant to be flattered over than to be truthful or gifted. Most of the time, Willy thinks of himself as a fine and attractive man; he seeks to be just like a salesman who will be mourned for and wept for greatly after his death (Miller, 1998).

Despite his obsession with status, Willy and his family members are not well known and not even well liked, and Willy’s funeral is meagerly attended. Willy’s obsession can be found in his idea of reality and fantasy of life. In desirability, Willy’s perfect self is exposed to the reader through flashbacks of people and events that he has come across. In his fantasy world, Willy sees himself to be a very loving father and a caring husband and also that he is respected by those he comes across and is capable of providing and securing a better position in life.  All of this distinctiveness is essential to Willy’s standing in the society. Willy is in reality seen to be remembered only after his suicide which was very ironic. He was disgusted with the idea of achieving the American Dream for himself and when he saw that there was no avenue left he committed suicide believing that $20,000 life insurance policy would be inherited by his family and get rid of their miseries. It is this reality of providing security to his family for their survival.

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