Essay: Deciding Europe’s place in the world: Charlemagne

Essay: Deciding Europe’s place in the world: Charlemagne
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The European Union has been the source of making policies into countries which are dependent on aids of money and co-operation agreements. This paper is going to analyze an argument which is against the European Union foreign policies structure as provided in the article published in The Economic.

The European Union headed by Mr. Solana has been convincing the countries to adopt their proposals, where they don’t have any foreign policies of their own. By signing the policy, countries are provided with aid and cooperative agreement that is apparently glorifying the benefits that the ‘victim’ country is going to achieve.  The foreign policies and pacts made by the European Union have expanded into a group of 27 nodding members who efficiently agitate general arrangements constantly. National governments though, while being involved in the commission of EU, tend to argue the local delegations of the European Commission and EU bureaucrats and the EU Council in this regard (Anonymous, 2009).

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