Essay: Defining perspectives

Essay: Defining perspectives
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The BSC has in actual four perspectives that need to be worked upon in order to attain the objectives. The four perspectives are namely, Financial, Internal Business Process, Customer, and Learning and Growth. The Internal Business Process perspective in our case includes health care alteration that has been used productively consists of altering the outlook of ‘Quality and Patient Safety’ and this perspective results in customer satisfaction, financial achievements and staff retention. Therefore this perspective has an important priority in health care.

Defining goals and connecting to the metrics

Once the viewpoint was aligned, the objectives and aims of achievement were defined by the team and connected to the Internal Business Process perspective. At least 3 to 4 perspectives were listed by everyone in order to uphold focal point on ideas that will energize the strategy under consideration. After the goals were defined, precise metrics were drawn out and connected to each goal. Performance targets were then defined and connected to each metric.

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