Essay: Deliverance from Evil

Essay: Deliverance from Evil
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Jesus seemed to believe that a primary cause of the sickness was a force of evil loose in the world which was hostile to God and the divine way. He believed that people sometimes fell into the hands of this power, which then exerted a destructive impudence in their lives, morally, psychologically, and physically. (Sandford, 1992)

There are many positive aspects of traditional religions and cultures that need to be preserved, but since traditional institutions enslave people in ways that stigmatize them for life, they could be seen as part of the evils of modern society that need to be removed. A turning point in the power of evil was inaugurated in the ministry of Jesus Christ who disarmed the powers and authorities and ‘made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross’ (Colossians 2:15). Those who come under the protection of the cross should thus experience the freedom from those structures that negatively affect human dignity. This ‘healing and deliverance’ ministry becomes even more poignant in the context where salvation connotes deliverance from evil and all misfortunes for an unrestrained enjoyment of material and spiritual prosperity in all its forms. The recovery of the ‘healing and deliverance’ ministry as part of the essential mission of the Church is, therefore, an important dimension of the renewal that Pentecostalism has brought into Christianity.

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