Essay: Demographics of students at University of Bradford

Essay: Demographics of students at University of Bradford
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At the University of Bradford, the international students tend to be mature students which are significant as it means the marketing objectives are different to that of the local population.  If international students are between the ages of 26 and 45, this would suggest the presence of family and established careers, which would influence their choice of the UK as a student destination.  It would also mean that their requirements from the host country would be different as they would be looking for factors that affect their families more than just the individual.  This is also supported by the fact that males tend to dominate international student admissions.  Nevertheless, the institution strongly believes that international students are very important to its aims and objectives.

The University of Bradford’s marketing objectives are linked in with their corporate strategy, which sets targets for the institution to meet.  These targets are related to the enrolment numbers, which once again show the importance of international student fee in helping the UK higher education sector meets its financial objectives.  In addition to this, it also demonstrates how an external body is responsible for its international marketing objectives, as they are not stated or mentioned in detail on an institution level.  As the marketing objectives are recruitment related, it is not surprising that the University of Bradford is involved in the following marketing activities: exhibitions, private visits to schools and colleges, and in-country interviews.  These marketing activities are designed to attract international students to the institution and not the country itself.

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