Essay: What Will Depends on

Essay: What Will Depends on
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Kant’s assertion “Nothing in the world—indeed nothing even beyond the world—can possibly be conceived which could be called good without qualification except a good will” (Kant, 1964) —not cleverness, wittiness, opinion, bravery, or the gifts of destiny. Ownership of these is an optimistic wickedness if not shared with good will, which certainly is the crucial state even of merit to be content (Cummiskey, 1998).

Although restraint, self-discipline, and tranquil reflection are all favorable to good will, they can also typify the cool villain and create that evil person even more repulsive. The decency of the good will does not suffice on its achievements; it “would sparkle like a jewel in its own right, as something that had its full worth in itself,” (Kant, 1964) even if exterior conditions completely aggravated its actions.

To willpower for something does not mean the same as only thinking of it or hoping for it. The willpower depends on to choose or make a decision upon a course of action. Kant presumes that the ability to will is lucid. Thus, when we determine something, we always go after a maxim, a personal standard of achievement. And it is not possible to will a disagreement or anything that we know to be not possible. A good will is an ethically good will, that is, an ethically good choice to do something according to the maxim. Such an act of disposition is excellent, Kant thinks only if it is through for the reason of responsibility what one knows to be one’s ethical responsibility.

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