Essay: Depiction of Cannibalism

Essay: Depiction of Cannibalism
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Other Characteristics

Other prominent and visible elements include the president with a crown made of gold paper like the one at McDonald’s gold paper crown. His very own radicalism is responsible for his state of mind which is a child of his own deceit, agony, pain and death it has sourced. He is leading the incompetent officials in his government. “He is holding the nude body of Condoleezza Rice who is his right hand and a brainless advisor. Secretary of Defense “Rummy” lies face down nearby, holding his glasses, wrapped in a flag of the nation”  (The Raft of George W. Bush, 2009).

Other theocratic instances that we see are a man standing under the mast of the ship with the young man underneath him depicting spiritual comfort. Next to him is an annoyed angel, who is shown wearing just a bra and holding a holds a big bone which is a depiction of cannibalism as similar to capitalism existing in U.S. and hinders the social progress of the nation. All other men are illustrations of less educated men as an outcome of a misled nation.

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