Essay: What is Depression Associated with

Essay: What is Depression Associated with
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Depression is associated with lower achievement and occurs mainly as a result of failure in meeting one’s expectations, goals, evaluations and attributes. Depression is so perilous a state is that according to a cautious reckon, in the world depression is the sole cause behind the faster rate of demise than any other thing.

Therefore the importance of curing depression cannot be subsided and it is equally necessary to help the depressed subject in the journey towards optimism. That would not only help in the betterment of the performance of people belonging to the different spheres of life but it would help decreasing the rate of mortality as a result of suicide or heart attacks. A person transmits his/her state of depression into optimistic state when he/she starts to have a clear perception of his/her goals and when he/she keeps the possible consequences in his/her mind.

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