Essay: Descartes’ Philosophy on Meditation

Essay: Descartes’ Philosophy on Meditation
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He states that he might be dreaming as the peaceful condition of his mind while meditating is akin to dreaming. This dreaming condition makes him incapable to automatically use his senses for observation. Instead, he can observe with his mindDescartes believes in sciences like Arithmetic and Geometry. He justifies his belief in them as they are immune to the sensory reflection and provide the same results regardless of the conditions they are applied to. There is consistency in them.

It is possible for God to deceive him as he has created the world and Descartes as well and therefore can manipulate his mind and his observation and reflection pattern. The things that he can manipulate are the air, water, earth and virtually any element as well as the capacity of the human.
Descartes is not better off with an all powerful creator as without his existence there would be no meaning to the world and everything would be consequences for incidents that are taking place.
The evil genius enables Descartes to doubt the powers of the God as well as the power of Descartes as an entity pertaining to how much influence can he exert.

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