Essay: Describe the DB2 accessory products available in System i5 Series

Essay: Describe the DB2 accessory products available in System i5 Series
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DB2 Universal Database (UDB) for iSeries is a relational database manager that is easy to use and manage and offer flexibility required by today’s Enterprise Application System. IBM offers a number of DB2 accessory products.  Their description is provided in the following lines.

The IBM DB2 DataPropagator offers read-only, update anywhere and on demand replication between relational sources and targets. It allows for viewing and analyzing of multiple aspects of business information and the sharing of data at multiple locations. IBM Query for iSeries is a DB2 accessory product for non programmers, with 5250-family workstations or remotely attached 3270-family Web links, who wish to extract data from the database and use it for documentation purpose. The IBM DB2 Query Manager and SQL Development Kit provide an interactive query and report writing interface. It allows for writing of SQL applications in high-level programming languages. IBM DB2 UDB Data Warehouse enables real-time integration of information, provides insight and assist in decision making. IBM DB2 QMF transforms business data into a visual information platform for the entire enterprise. IBM System/38 Utilities enables the running of applications that were written using System/38 Query or System/38 Data File utility and migrated from System/38. The DB2 Spatial Extender allows storage, management and analysis of spatial data along with traditional data in DB2 UDB. And the IBM DB2 Universal Database Extender provide an efficient way to leverage textual data, in the form of business and technical documents, email , problem reports etc., to provide valuable information (Bresenham, McClymont, Powers, Reinhardt & Watson, 2006).

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