Essay: Describe what is available in the WebSphere Development

Essay: Describe what is available in the WebSphere Development
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The IBM WebSphere Development Studio for iSeries is a comprehensive, integrated suite of application development tools to suit both On Demand Business and traditional iSeries development. The host components of WebSphere Development Studio include IBM Integrated Language Environments (ILEs) for RPG, COBOL, C and C++ as well Application Development ToolSet. The ILE for RPG contains compiler for RPG IV which offer improved programming productivity, application growth and quality.

The ILE for COBOL offers a simplistic way to build application for manipulating DB2 Universal Database. The ILE for C Language allows for faster function calls and uniform run-time models while the ILE for C++ adds features like support for object oriented programming, parameterized types and stricter type checking. The Application Development ToolSet provides a traditional tool set for application development programmers for System i5 servers. The client components of WebSphere Development Studio include WebSphere Development Studio Client, Rational Web Developer , Remote System Explorer which provides supports in editing, compiling and debugging of applications, i5/OS plug-ins for Java, Web and Web Services, IBM Webfacing Tool which is a source code based transformation development tool,  Host Access Transformation Toolkit which quickly generates a dynamic runtime transformation of  5250 data stream with no requirement for 5250 OLTP capacity, i5/OS debugger, CODE and VARPG.  The Advanced version of Web Sphere Development Studio Client contains extensions for Web Facing Tools, Portal supports to allow the generation of Struts-based portlets applications and System Screen support which allows the developers to include System i5 system screens in their web development (Bresenham, McClymont, Powers, Reinhardt & Watson, 2006).

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