Essay: Descriptive Criticism

Essay: Descriptive Criticism
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The oil painting here shows an individual standing on a beach separated from lush green plains by a rock face. He is bringing a pail to his tent, with several horses and supplies standing against the rock face to the right and an ocean to his left. The feeling the painting evokes is one of peaceful isolation. There is a feeling of safety throughout as if this is a moment in time meant to last. The horses are standing in a group close to the individual while the waves splash against the shore.

Interpretative Criticism

Given the origins of this painting, it is possible the artist is commenting on the relatively unscathed beauty which existed before the settlers arrived in California. Though much of the plains are unseen the relative calming effect of the picture is so strong, the viewer can only presuppose the existence of more unspoiled beauty on the other side of that rock face. The elements which truly seem to stand out in this picture are the rock face seemingly having impenetrable qualities and the peaceful environment inhabited by the individual. As if nothing can spoil such a serene place.

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