Essay: Design as Communication

Essay: Design as Communication
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In the article, when presenting the ideas of conceptual understanding for computer products, the author appears critical of the practices for user interfaces design for only display the current options and hiding the conceptual understanding of the system to the users. However, it does not take into account the factor that GUI are usually made to make it easier for the user to comprehend the information on the screen and in many cases, the conceptual understanding may not be necessary for them (The Centre for Reliability, 2009). It is important that the user understands only what is required, to prevent him from confusion. It also does not consider the fact that in some instances the user many already have knowledge of the conceptual model of the system and thus understands what option are available and why (Landauer & Prabhu, 1997, p. 51).

When mentioning the failure of BMW’s IDrive, the author mentions that the since the system was restricting the human nature of always trying to understand what is around, it failed to make an impact on the market (Norman, 2007). An important factor to consider is that human nature also prefers things which are easy to use. So that contradicts the statement in the article as IDrive simplified the use of many functions in the car. Furthermore, it does not mention any reference. Another thought that comes to the mind when reading IDrive example is that lack of conceptual understanding might not have been the only reason for its failure. Many products fail, though they have a lot of use because either they are not advertised properly or there is lack information in people on how to exploit the system for their own benefit.

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