Essay: Designating a Disaster Recovery Site

Essay: Designating a Disaster Recovery Site
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In case of a disaster, where the primary site is no longer able for function, a hot site should be chosen on the basis of following criteria.

–          That the hot site should be at least 10 miles away from the primary site.

–          That the hot site should receive the power supply from a different gird than that of primary site

–          That the hot site should be near utility services.

–          That the hot site should have wireless communication from totally different towers to that of primary site.

Disaster Recovery Plan

The Disaster Recovery efforts will be performed by the following team

Core Team

This team will be responsible for co-coordinating the disaster recovery efforts between the other teams. It will be lead by the CEO of ELI, whose replacement will be Director of Marketing. Other member will include Director of Public Relations.

Operations Team

Lead by the Senior Project Manager, This team will be responsible for performing restoring business critical functions at the secondary site after the disasters. In addition it will also be responsible for implementation of Before Disaster Recovery Plan. This team will include officers from all departments, data entry specialists and clerks.

Damage Assessment Team

This team will be responsible for performing damage assessment after the disaster and salvaging of equipment and data. Its member will join the operation team as the assessment efforts are winded down.

Disaster Recovery Team

This team will be lead by Director of Warrenty Services. It will be responsible for making sure the secondary site is ready and adequate for arriving recovery personnel. This team will be the first at alternate site in order to register arriving personnel. It will also be responsible for restoration of data on secondary site with the help of tape backups and CDs.

The Disaster plan is categorized into three sections with respect to their execution.

Before Disaster

Before the disaster, the disaster recovery plan requires preparation to minimize the effect of disaster. Following procedures are in order to ensure that the disaster makes a minimum impact on the business.

–          Physical Security

Before and During the Disaster recovery phase the access to the premises of both primary and secondary site will be restricted to only authorized personnel who have been registered before. Security should also be there for transit of the back up media from the storage site.

–          Voice and Data Security

In case a part of office moves to the backup site, the communication link between the two offices must be secure.

–          Backup Passwords

There should be different passwords for the backup site. These passwords should be made known in case the backup site is needed.

–          Software Security

In case of Internet Access, the back up site must have firewall and other security software installed when secondary site is needed.

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