Essay: Desktop Operating Systems

Essay: Desktop Operating Systems
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When it comes to selecting the right operating system for businesses, the market is full of options. Many companies market their operating systems using different strategies, each one claiming that their operating system is best for commercial use. In this report, we present an evaluation of three operating systems from a business perspective. These operating systems are Windows 7, Ubuntu Linux9.04 and Mac OS X (Snow Leopard). The criteria used for evaluation this report is the Cost, Features, Ease of Use, Performance and Hardware Support.



Windows 7

The price of Windows 7 ranges from $119 to $219 for an upgrade and $199 to $319 for Retail. Though, expensive Windows 7 will offer the most robust collection of business applications to run on it. It is also much more stable and user-friendly in terms of its features and consumption of resources (Protalinski, 2009).

Ubuntu Linux 9.04

The lower end version of Ubuntu Linux sells as low as $15.99. However, it allows the businesses to run commercial applications like DBMS servers and web servers. Linux also allows you to run a lot of other financial software. An article by Howard Fosdick on goes on to say “…Microsoft has done an outstanding job of hiding the true costs of its software from consumers. Linux eliminates these hidden costs from Windows”. (Fosdick, 2008).

Mac OS X (Snow Leopard)

The price of Mac OS X, the Snow Leopard version, starts from $29 dollars and go up to $499 for Mac OS X Server Edition. Apple website mentions the cost effectiveness of Mac OS X for businesses by mentioning that Snow Leopard offers its users a smooth upgrade to an operating system that is the world most advanced operating system with support for Microsoft Exchange, a key business application, built in (Apple Inc., 2009).


Windows 7

The latest version of Windows features more way to interact with the PC by taking advantage of the new speech recognition and touch technology. The windows speech recognition software is now able to work with more programs and in a better fashion. This allows someone with disabilities to use the computer without using the keyboard. The Microsoft Magnifier application helps the people with poor eyesight to read the text. The Windows Touch feature let you control Windows directly through your screen while with an On-screen keyboard, windows almost eliminate the presence of physical keyboard (Microsoft Corporation, 2009).Windows 7 also makes the remote access of a PC more secure in a business environment. It features DirectAcccess which allow the employees to connect to the corporate network in a seamless way. The Bit Locker To Go application enhances the data encryption introduced in Windows Vista for removable media such as USB Drives. It allows a password or a smart card with a digital certificate to be used for unlocking of data (Mills, 2009).

Ubuntu Linux 9.04

Ubuntu also features a lot of accessibility option which makes it usable for many people across ages, languages and physical abilities. Its accessibility features include a high contrast theme, which allows the user to better differentiate between different areas of Linux as well as in recognition of icons.  The Magnification application called Orca also allows users with limited vision to use the desktop and associated applications. It is also customizable on an individual application basis. There are also many keyboard modifiers options as well which let the user modify the how the keyboard responses are interpreted (Canonical Ltd., 2009).The security features included in Ubuntu include Encrypted hard disk which allows the users to secure the entire hard drives to prevent loss of information in case of theft. The AppArmor Security framework limits the resources each application uses and can be used to provide an additional layer of security against undiscovered vulnerabilities (Canonical Ltd., 2009).

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