Essay: Desperate Teens

Essay: Desperate Teens
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Williams states that young children today will do anything to get what they want. One teenage young female threw a fit in a department shop for her mother not buying her the thongs she wanted. This sex hefty MTV heritage will contrarily leverage young children, because there could be a boost in sexy undertaking amidst middle school children. Girls are now endeavoring to dress up sexy like their icons, for example Jennifer Lopez.

Pop heritage appears to be getting poorer with these ‘barely there’ outfits. America’s MTV culture desires to have more reputable feminine icons. Britney Spears is an awful function form for juveniles that augment up hearing to and looking at her according to Nisely Williams. She accepts as factual the detail that Britney was one of the most broadly renowned celebrities in 2002, was most expected because of the sleazy apparel she wears. According to Williams, Avril Lavigne is a better function form for juvenile young women because are apparel and lyrics are much more conservative. People who contradict with Williams’ outlook accept as factual that parents are the major leverage on three young children, not celebrities like Britney. Williams accepts as factual that juvenile young woman who hear to melodies like Britney’s have a better possibility at being related to sex hardworking at a junior age than those who don’t hear to her. Williams’ wants that one day MTV heritage will halt following celebrities with principles similar to Britney Spears’.

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