Essay: The Destiny of a Madman

Essay: The Destiny of a Madman
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The destiny of the mad man in Black Cat is very similar to the one in The Tell-Tale Heart. It seems that Poe tries to utilize satire and overstatement to somewhat cruelly ridicule his characters’ slip into sanity. They wrongly associate sanity with the capability to remain calm and the capability to build and carry out plans. Both characters act as if they are mentally stable and normal at the start of the story; however; they are shattered men, jabbering their acknowledgments to the policemen.

In Tell-Tale Heart the nature of transformation of the character’s mental state is very objective in nature and what seems to be the main reason for this transformation is great hypersensitivity, while in The Black cat the narrator’s condition is worsened in the itinerary of the story by his waning personality and the rising love of the cat.

The Tell-Tale Heart, one of his best-known stories about murderous madness, is also one of his most psychologically complex works. The story is told in the first-person voice by the killer, who has obviously been locked up in a prison or in an insane asylum for his crime. He begins by arguing that he is not mad and that the calm ways he committed the crime and can now tell about it testify to his sanity.

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