Essay: Destruction of humanity and civil liberties

Essay: Destruction of humanity and civil liberties
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McMurphy is a powerful character in Kesey’s book, One Flew over the Cuckoo’s nest and also the protagonist of the story.  He is a lover of liberty in opposition to authoritarianism. He is the hero presented as a thief, a con, however these are just qualities to describe his as a hero; otherwise it is his moral strength that is of most importance in the book. He lives outside the values and customs of the society, he is the only one person who is capable of to perforating the fulfillment of the ward rules that the patients in the ward show, and make an impact upon them in educating them to value the life they live.

His final attack on Ratched is the part where we see a reflection of the man being destroyed by the hands of those who are thought to facilitate the patients. This allows us to see that the man is shattered tragically and thus becomes a victim of a world that will not allow him to be free. “Man has but one truly effective weapon against the juggernaut of modern matriarchy, but it certainly is not laughter” (Kesey 189) Sooner in the story we see that McMurphy, the prisoner starts a rebellious movement against the system and rules and parameters of the society. He finally succeeds in the erosion of the strong hold that Nurse Ratched has on the prisoners. When the nurse attempts to penalize him by not permitting the ward to watch a baseball game on television, McMurphy and his fellow prisoners howl and yell as if they were watching the game. In another instance he manages to convince another doctor in the institution that ‘fishing’ would be a very useful therapy for them so they get a chance to leave the institution and face the outside world with free air and no norms.

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