Essay: Detailed Slice of Life Story

Essay: Detailed Slice of Life Story
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This is the intersection of Walnut Avenue and Main Street where BJ’s Restaurant is situated. Just at the corner of the intersection is the restaurant’ entrance where people can be seen relaxing and dining. It is a moderately busy intersection, so the life here seems dynamic and energetic. The atmosphere in from on the restaurant is full of voices from people relaxing as well as noise from cars in their background. One can also see many people on the pedestrian walk in front of the restaurant going about their business.

The entrance to the restaurant is busy as well with people going in and coming out of the restaurant. It is a sunny day and the Spanish architecture of the restaurant’s building along with plantation of flowers and palms trees is providing an exotic touch to the scene. Outside the restaurant, one can smell a delicious aroma of spices and beacon, which is certainly making everyone think about food. Just in front of the restaurant are two islands, topped with vividly colored flowers which are engaging people in a feast of their senses. Just outside the entrance to the restaurant, two beach umbrellas, red and blue are also present. These umbrellas along with the islands are providing people with a refuge to relax and refresh themselves as well as providing protection to them from the heat of the Sun.

One feeling that can be felt in people, who are present at this spot, is the general feeling of calm and happiness. Their presence and conversations has brought life to the scene which is otherwise not more than major composition of concrete block. Everybody seems to have disconnected themselves from their worries and is willing to enjoy the moments that are spent on this spot. Another noticeable observation is that everyone is appropriately dressed for summer. The relax chairs present under the umbrellas are under use by a young couple and their child. The lady is wearing a skin hugging white dress and is busy with the child, forcing him to each something, while the child seems reluctant. The man is standing next to her quietly observing, and seems to be thinking about whether to help her or not. On the other island, an aged man with white hairs, wearing a white polo T-shirt with black strips and blue jeans can heard from a distance talking in a deep voice to a young man standing in front of him.

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