Essay: Determining Buying Behavior

Essay: Determining Buying Behavior
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A number of elemental factors were revealed from the in-depth interviews. The interviewees revealed some of the main challenges which they come across in determining their buying behavior and which they connect with the present economic catastrophe. The challenges recognized were lowering purchasing power due to decrease in disposable income; threats from greater opportunity cost; lower savings. The interview responses revealed the same factors to be causing the most considerable disruption in their buying behavior.

Even though the number of students interviewed is not very large and therefore does not occur to be of much statistical significance, but it is still important for us to divide the different responses and recognize any trends in the consumers’ insight.

The combination of factors outlined above makes consumers spotlight on buying competence by cutting down on the wasteful products. In this manner it would right to say that consumers identify that they are now planning their purchases more often than they did earlier. Therefore we conclude that planning is now an essential element of consumer’s buying behavior. Moreover, interviewees who said they are impulsive in buying described themselves as not impulsive anymore due to their disposable income shrinking significantly.

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