Essay: Developing a website with MAMP/WAMP

Essay: Developing a website with MAMP/WAMP
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In today’s world Internet, has revolutionized the way businesses are conducted. Not only it had made possible to connect remote sites and share resource easily, it has also gained immense popularity as a medium when organizations can conduct and promote their businesses.

The ever-changing dynamics of the business world demand that the organization’s business objective and process adapt to the change in environments as well as the needs of the customers in order to remain competitive and survive. This applies to conducting the business of the Internet as well. The business organization maintains websites through which they conduct their businesses, however, due to competitiveness in business on the Internet, they need to constantly change their approach to existing customers as well as add new products and features to attract new customers. Dynamic websites offer the capability to these organizations to align the focus of their websites according to the changing business demands as well as offer them the flexibility to innovate new ways of interacting with their customers (Pakroo, 2008).

PHP, Apache, and MySQL

Currently, Hypertext Processor (PHP) language has gained lot popularity among developers for creating dynamic web pages. PHP has also made a powerful combination with Apache, a web server that allows for executing of dynamic pages made in PHP as well as MySQL which is a database management system. PHP also contains built-in libraries through which a MySQL database can be accessed directly. The popularity of these three tools among the developer community has led to the release of a number of packages in which these tools are made available together on a different operating system. The generic term which is used to define these packages is made up of first letters of these tools plus the first letter of the operating system name; hence it spells XAMP where X donates the first letter of the operating system (W for Windows, L for Linux). Two of the most popular packages, WAMP and MAMP are discussed in the lines below (Nixon, 2009).

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