Essay: Developing Questionnaire; an example

Essay: Developing Questionnaire; an example
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Section B consisted of questions which sought to establish the international marketing objectives, techniques, and methods of higher education institutions in the UK.  This section also looked for the higher education’s view on the success of these objectives, techniques, and methods.  This information was important to the author as it would provide evidence of the actual methods used at the local level as opposed to that of the British Council, and it would also provide an insight into what the higher education institution actually thinks about the success and setbacks of their international marketing objectives.  This information will also be useful in determining if the higher education institutions can solve their issues on their own or they have to do this in conjunction with the British Council.

Section C consisted of questions which sought to establish the awareness and understanding of globalization by individuals in the higher education sector.  The other aim of this section was to determine if individuals could link changes in international marketing, to globalization, as this would in some ways demonstrate an awareness and possible reactions to globalization in other areas.

Section D was designed to collect demographic information on the individual completing the form.  This information was used to explain variances and differences in opinion.  Participants were given fourteen days to reflect their views, and complete the questionnaire.  The collected data was then reviewed and analyzed by using data from the nominal questions, data from ratio questions, data from interval questions and open-end questions.  This data was presented using a combination of pie and bar charts, as well as frequency distribution methods in Microsoft Excel.

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