Essay: Causes of Diabetes

Essay: Causes of Diabetes
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The base analysis depicted that when compared to the no prevention program, the lifestyle based program did show significant reduction of risk of attaining diabetes in the sample population.  “person’s 30-year chances of getting diabetes from about 72% to 61%, the chances of a serious complication from about 38% to 30%, and the chances of dying of a complication of diabetes from about 13.5% to 11.2%. Metformin would deliver about one third the long-term health benefits achievable by immediate lifestyle modification. Compared with not implementing any prevention program, the expected 30-year cost/quality-adjusted life-year (QALY) of the DPP lifestyle intervention from the health plan’s perspective would be about $143 000” (Eddy et al, 2005). The sensitivity analysis depicted that the most controllable element of cost for the cost of intervention. If the annual cost of this is reduced to $100 per year then the life style program would become the most efficient method for controlling and avoiding diabetes. As a result instead of the DPP used in the study, different more cost efficient life style based diabetes risk reducing programs can be used. This conclusion was supported by the study of Dr. Ray Strand in 2005, which pertained to the Reversal of Metabolic Syndrome through a Lifestyle Change Program involving a Low Glycemic Diet and Exercise. The study also concluded that “that the lifestyle change program employed in this study was fully effective. The shifts in dietary habits to include low-glycemic functional foods and low-glycemic meals, and the modest increases in physical activity offer a valuable approach for reversing Metabolic Syndrome and preventing Type 2 diabetes and heart disease in at-risk people.” (Strand, 2005)

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