Essay: Diabetes Indication and Risk

Essay: Diabetes Indication and Risk
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The main indicator which had affected the family and the society of the individual with the diabetes was of the financial nature. The study depicted that the constant insulin intervention and the high cost of medicine for sugar patients were putting a financial burden on the families of the patient. Moreover, most of the lifestyle based diabetes control and prevention programs in the market were too expensive for the population, putting the financial burden on them. This increased the level of stress being faced by the population and made the theme more susceptible to the threat of diabetes.

The risk of diabetes is increasing rapidly due to increasing obesity and the stress levels being born by the population in the developed and the developing countries. After going through previously conducted research as well as the information available on the CDC fact sheets and my own research project I was able to determine that the most effective method of preventing diabetes in high-risk people and controlling the disease for the patients was the lifestyle modification and management method. However, lifestyle modification and the medical treatment for controlling diabetes is very expensive. As a result new and less expensive prevention and control, programs have to be developed in order to decrease the rate of increase of the disease while decreasing the stress and the financial burden for those involved as well

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