Essay: Diabetes Relation to the Environment

Essay: Diabetes Relation to the Environment
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Diabetes actually does not differ in terms of geographic location. The mina causes that can aggravate and influence diabetes have been identified, however the absolute cause for the disease is still not known. As a result the environmental factor cannot be ruled out as a probable cause of the disease. The main environmental factors that affect the humans and make them more susceptible to diabetes pertain to their lifestyle, their eating habit as well along with stress. The increased pollution in the region plays a role in aggravating the condition as well, but this is more of a indirect causes as it affects the overall health of the individual regardless whether the persons has diabetes or not.

Through this research I have been able to identify that there are various factors which influence a disease like Diabetes. However due to its un identified cause and its tendency to be transferred down the generation genetically, the disease is fast becoming a raging epidemic in both the developed as well as the developing nations of the world. As a result it can be stated that obesity is a cause of diabetes but it is not the only factor effecting diabetes as even people in the rural areas of developing nations in the world are experiencing this disease.

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