Essay: Diagnosis of Human Papilloma Virus

Essay: Diagnosis of Human Papilloma Virus
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The diagnosis of HPV can be done from visual identification of genital warts or through an abnormal pap smear. The application of vinegar to areas affected by the virus can cause them to whiten as well. One of the newer tests being employed is the HPV DNA chip method which a study has shown has more sensitivity and a greater predictive and thus more effective than current cytological methods employed through pap smears (An, et al., 2003).

In Henderson’s regarding promotion of prevention of HPV he writes, “This would have been the case even if HPV were just one virus. But because it’s actually a family of viruses with a variety of effects at a variety of bodily sites, and its effects are so profoundly connected with other risk factors, writing this book became even more daunting.” (Henderson, Yasgur, & Warshowsky, 2002) While Monsonégo writes “Since the 1970s, population wide-screening programs were implemented in many western countries, and this further accelerated the decline in the incidence and mortality of cervical cancer, despite an increasing incidence of precursor lesions over the same time period. These data impressively demonstrated how succesful early detection and prevention programs for cancer may work.” (Monsonégo, 2006)

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