Essay: Differences between HCI and Related Fields

Essay: Differences between HCI and Related Fields
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Though the study of HCI may seem similar to other related fields of studies such as human factors and ergonomics, they are quite different.  For example, the study of HCI differs from the studies of human factors in the way that HCI focuses more on user interactions with computers only, rather than covering other kinds of machines or designed artifacts. HCI focus is on the implementation of hardware and software mechanism would greatly facilitate the interactions between humans and computers.

Thus human factors can be classified as a broader term, while HCI refers to the specific application of human factors, that is, on computers. HCI is also different from ergonomics, in that there is a significantly less focus on repetition of work-oriented task and procedures, as well as less emphasis on the physical form of the user interface.

There are also three areas of study that overlap substantially with HCI, even when the focus of exploration shifts.  For example, in the study of Personal Information Management (PIM),  the interactions of humans with computers are placed in a wider informational context, due to the fact that people might work with many forms of information ( both computer based and non-computer based), in order to comprehend and leverage the desired changes in their world. In Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW), significant emphasis is placed on the use of computers for the support of collaborative work of a group of people Human Interaction Management (HIM) principles, extend the scope of CSCW to a much wide organizational level and can also be implemented without computers (Booth, 1989).

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