Essay: Differences between Web based and non-Web based System

Essay: Differences between Web based and non-Web based System
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With regard to your second question about differences between a Web based and a non-Web-based (Desktop) system, it is also important to make such a consideration, as these are two different approaches for two different purposes. Desktop applications are usually meant for used for use within the organization. They run directly on Windows and in most cases do not require additional software to be installed to support them. Web base applications, on the other hand, can be accessed from the Internet as well, but then they require additional software (you might have heard of the term Web server) to be installed and running in order for them to work.

However, they may be built using the same programming language as it all depends on the support (the supporting tools) included with it. Web-based information systems are easier to use since they are usually accessible through a browser. On the other hand, Desktop information systems usually require the installation of the Client application on systems from where the system will be accessed. Hence, any modification to a Web based information system would require modification to one system, while the Desktop information system would require modification to both client and server applications. However, web-based information systems are usually costlier to support, due to the presence of additional software which may require configuration as well, if any modification to the information system is done.

I would, therefore, agree with your friend’s comment and recommend you to go for an information system, which is built using a programming language and a design which is not only easy to support and maintain but also offer ease of use as well. Programming languages like Visual Basic, C or C++, PHP, Perl as well as design approaches like Object Oriented Design (OOD) are some of the things that you should be looking for. Our Information system offers all these qualities to you, and I am confident that after reading this email you will be sure that you have made the right choice in selecting us.  I am also sure that your friend will also agree with all the points that I have mentioned in this email. I will be happy to answer any further query that you may have after your consultation (McBride, 2005).

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