Essay: Differentiation in local and international students

Essay: Differentiation in local and international students
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For example, the US has trade links with Mexico, and its relationships with Korea and Taiwan could be considered political.  Taiwan and Korea also appear for Australia but this could be linked to proximity once again, as Australia only has Asian source countries. So whilst the UK can be considered to maintain most of the market share for the EU, it is clearly in competition for non-EU students who are considered to bring the most in terms of financial benefits.  However, the main issue raised in this figure is that the US is managing to attract approximately 64% more international students to its shores despite being the furthest in location when compared to the UK and Australia.  This suggests that the US is maximising its marketing strengths, if it is able to command a healthy number of international students.

Figure 4.0 highlights the degree programmes that are popular with international students, and one can immediately see how business studies, engineering and technology and computer sciences are popular.  This figure also closely mirrors the information from the University of Bradford, which showed that the most popular degree programmes where those of Engineering, Business Management and Life Sciences.  Students from developing countries will probably want to acquire skills that will useful in their home countries on a larger scale, and subjects like Languages and creative arts, may not appear to be beneficial.  However, this has its effects on UK higher education institutions as well, as institutions will concentrate on providing degree programmes for international students at the detriment of UK students.

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