Essay: Digital Signature Management

Essay: Digital Signature Management
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The management of Digital Signature differs with different types of implementation. In private key infrastructure, the Digital Signature is managed by making the encryption keys available to only those computers which require communications to be authentic. That is, the system of Digital Signature only exist between selected computers, hence, no other computer can participate in it.

Though the Private Key Infrastructure addresses the problem of the message or document authentication and verification to a large extent, using such an infrastructure would mean that each computer will be installed with a separate encryption key and algorithms to decrypt the signature of all these messages which creates key management problems.  For a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), the Digital Signature is managed by keeping the signing key private, while the key that is used to verify the signature is made available to the public. The public key infrastructure solves the management problems which have been highlighted in the private key infrastructure; however, one problem that still remains unaddressed is the verification that the key that was used to sign the signature actually belong to the sender. Also, it could be the case that the message was signed using the wrong key or the person who signed the document published the public key under the wrong name. In order to overcome this problem, Public Key Distribution Centers or Certification Authorities (CA)  are used, which only facilitate the availability of public keys to the broader public, but also issue digital certificates which are used to bind a public key to the name of a particular person or entity. A certification authority can be thought of as an intermediary between two computers that both the computers trust. It confirms that each of the computers is really who they claim they are (HowStuffWorks Website, 2009).

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