Essay: Digital Signatures and Ways to Manage Their Distribution

Essay: Digital Signatures and Ways to Manage Their Distribution
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In today’s world, the use of modern technology has made it possible for businesses to achieve expansion in their businesses with ease. With a tremendous increase in the use of the Internet by businesses to communicate with geographical distant customers or branches, the need of security and authentication mechanism has never been greater.

Communications between clients as well as within a business over a public network, such as the Internet, requires transfer of emails and other documents which contain confidential or important information and there is always a need of a system or mechanism with which it can be ensured that the contents that have been transferred over a public network have not been altered in any way and that it has come from the entity that it is claiming to be from. One of such system or mechanism is digitally signing the message or document which can then be used to verify the authenticity and the originality of the message or document. The process of digitally signing a document can be defined as the use of a mathematical algorithm to sign an electronic document or message. This algorithm is used to calculate a series of numbers through encryption which is then attached to the message before sending. This series is called the Digital Signature of the document and it makes simple for the receiver to be sure of the sender’s identity and that the message or document has not been tampered with. Digital Signatures are widely used in software distributions as well as in financial services and in many other places where there is a need for establishing the authenticity the origin of the message as well as its content  (Tech Target Website, 2009).

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