Essay: Digital Video Recorder

Essay: Digital Video Recorder
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The advances in electronics and computer have certainly given rise to technologies which have not only the expanded the functionalities of various devices but have also give their user the flexibility in choosing how they are used or work. The technologies related to media and broadcasting, have followed a similar trend. TV services available to the users have not only improved in their quality and quantity but have gradually offered more control over what program the user wishes to view.

This trend has been represented by gradual move from a single television station broadcasting its selection of program to the last generation of set-top devices which provided the user with facility of choosing from a large variety of channels as well as making a playlist of programs to watch from different channels. However, throughout this advancement, the broadcasting companies and the TV service provider never relinquished the controls of the program schedules; hence their subscriber was never in full control of what they actually watched. Digital Video Recorders (DVR) has been touted as technology which is set to change the scene totally. In fact the comments by FCC Chairman Michael Powell in 2003 that TiVo (a DVR) is a God’s machine reflect the potential that DVRs are gradually bringing into the life of their users. The purpose of this paper is to present an argument highlighting the fact that DVRs are set to become “The Replacement” for TV set top boxes and the changes that would guarantee that.

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