Essay: Dining Etiquettes in Italy

Essay: Dining Etiquettes in Italy
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Dining etiquettes are the thing which reflects your personality and the way of presentation while you are dining. As far the Italian dining etiquettes are concerned being an American entrepreneur when you are at the business trip to Italy and your business partner invites you at his house if the dress is informal in the dinner then you have to wear the trendy and stylish clothes according to the nature of the party.

It is not mandatory to reach on given time 15-20 minutes delay is usually acceptable for the dinner and if it’s a party then you can arrive 30 minutes late depends on the situation. If your business partner requests you for the meal then it is very much applicable to bring some gifts it can be dark chocolates or wine wrapped. Because Italian culture is welcoming culture especially if you are on a business trip outside your home country because Italian peoples are very extroversive so you should follow these guidelines when you are on a business trip to Italy to avoid any hassle and discouraging behavior (Bosrock, 2009).

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