Essay: Direct Investment

Essay: Direct Investment
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Direct investment is the direct ownership of production and administrative facilities in the host country by the company. In this mode of entry, Charlie Crow can either acquire an already existing entity and change its production methods or start a new entity in Germany with its name and brand. This mode of entry is the most sophisticated method with high risks and initial investment, however, the returns from this mode of entry would be high as well. (Thomas, 2010)

Since this mode of entry provides independence to the company, therefore this method will be most feasible for Charlie Crow to initiate its business in the German market. This mode of entry will also allow the company to conduct independent marketing campaigns and resurrection of its own brand.

Positioning and Branding Strategy

Brand positioning is setting up the image of the brand as it would be viewed by the targeted consumers. The positioning means the ranking of the brand as perceived by the consumers when compared with those of the competitors. If the consumers prefer a brand over the other, it means that the former is positioned better in the market (Hill, 2001).

There are a number of branding strategies that can be used to make the positioning of the brand better. One of those strategies is an advertisement. Charlie Crow can advertise its brand in an innovative manner in order to create a perception among the customers that this brand is unique and there is no comparison for this brand in the market.

Positioning can also be done by advertising the attributes of the product. For example; Charlie Crow produces innovative designs in costumes, therefore, this attribute can be used to create positioning of the brand (Baker, 2008).

In the case of Charlie Crow, positioning through marketing strategies may be the most feasible option. The company can run advertisement campaigns in order to create a perception that the brand introduced by the company is unique.

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