Essay: Disadvantageous Mentoring

Essay: Disadvantageous Mentoring
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Even though there are many promise advantages for mutually the mentor and mentee from the mentoring connection, it is not habitually an affirmative practice. Examiners have recognized dysfunctional counseling connections in which the desires of whichever the mentor or mentee are not being contacted, or the connection is initiating some anguish to any of the parties. Pessimistic knowledge that has been recognized by (Thomas, 1990) suggests disadvantageous mentoring to be:

  • Mentor entrusts too much tasks to the mentee
  • Mentor misuses his/her authority over the mentee
  • Mentor takes all the credit and rewards for the mentees work
  • Mentor endeavors to damage the mentee’s position
  • Mentor deliberately misleads the mentee
  • Mentor pretends to be occupied when the mentee needs assistance
  • Mentor abandons mentees vocation, or does not supply assistance
  • Mentor is excessively inattentive towards the mentees development in the organization.
  • Instead he cares about his own personal growth and development.
  • Mentor needs mechanical ability and will not direct mentee
  • Mentor needs interpersonal skills and will not combine with mentee
  • The personalities of the two clash often
  • Their work methods differ
  • Mentor has a terrible attitude towards the association or the specific task
  • Mentor will not direct competently due to difficulties in his individual life
  • Gender harassment (Thomas, 1990)

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