Essay: Disapproved Ideas of Nietzsche

Essay: Disapproved Ideas of Nietzsche
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Nietzsche, in his writing style always tended to have problems with a wide variety of views and idea found all the way through the world. One of the most disapproved of them is Christianity, which in his belief is the Platonic/Socratic coherence establish all the way through Western practice. He differentiates both of these with his approach, which he calls a strong cynicism. In disparity, he sees Christianity as a feeble outline of cynicism, while Platonism is a positive way of considering the humanity (Girard 1165).

Nietzsche’s style appears to be the best among all the expressions. Logic is another very distinguished factor in his writings. Nietzsche had typical ways of saying things about all the conventional theoretical subjects, although he usually interpreted them in an unconventional way. It may well be factual, as one critic recommended, that Nietzsche’s books are easier to interpret and harder to comprehend than those written by other philosophers.

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