Essay: Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan

Essay: Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan
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Disaster Recovery Policy Statement

The intention of this policy is to implement strategies to guarantee safe backup and restoration of data, stored on company’s Server, File Sharing Server and employees’ computers. This data includes EBDC’s business critical documents, customer and vendor information files, employee records, project documents as well as the financial information stored on PManager.

These robust strategies will ensure the recovery of data under all circumstances including floods, earthquakes, major hardware or software failure, file deletion or any virus or hacker attack (South 2004).

Business Critical Systems and Function

Through Disaster Recovery Planning, following has been identified as business critical system and functions for EBDC.

Project Management of Ongoing Constructions

This is identified as the main business of the company.

Warranty Services

Another key company system which is used to provide support services to the previously built accommodations.

Server Infrastructure

This is the configuration of network and PCs that enables sharing and access of information from PManager Server and File Sharing Server.

PManager Server

The SQL database server which stores all the critical information entered through PManager application.

Business Critical Resources and their Impact Analysis

Office Space

The Office Space in which the office is situated has been identified as a critical resource. It is because any damage to the Office Space will lead to restriction or disabling of the systems at primary site. The restoration of the utilities and other service present in the office space will take a long time; hence either a delay in business critical functions or movement of office to another location will cost EBDC dearly.

File Sharing Server

The File Sharing computer is another critical resource for EDBC, as it contains files which are essential to keep the functions of organization in working order. Any disability of the File Sharing Server will also restrict the employees’ ability to sharing information within the organization and will have significant affect on the productivity of the company.

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