Essay: Disaster Recovery Plan

Essay: Disaster Recovery Plan
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The following teams are responsible for performing disaster recovery efforts.

Core Team

This team will be in charge for co-coordinating the disaster recovery efforts involving the other teams. It will be lead by the CEO of EBDC, Steve Henderson, whose replacement will be Andrew Moran, the Director of Marketing. Other member will include Julian Thompson, the Director of Public Relations and Joe Stevenson, IT Assistant Manager.

Operations Team

This team will be lead by the Senior Project Manager. It will be responsible for restoration of business critical functions at the primary site following the disaster. In addition it will also be responsible for implementation of Before Disaster Recovery Plan. This team will include officers from all departments, data entry specialists and clerks. Members from the IT department will ensure the practices in Before Disaster Recovery Plan are followed properly.

Damage Assessment Team

This team will be responsible for performing damage assessment after the disaster and salvaging of equipment and data. Its member will join the operation team as the assessment efforts wind down. IT department personnel belonging to this team will be responsible for assessing damage to hardware and software that was involved in the incident and salvage equipment that will be recoverable.

Disaster Recovery Team

This team will be lead by Director of Warranty Services. It will be responsible for making sure the secondary site is ready and adequate for arriving recovery personnel. This team will be the first at alternate site in order to register arriving personnel. It will also be responsible for restoration of data on secondary site with the help of tape backups and CDs. The members of this team from IT department will be responsible of restoration of data from the backup tapes, drives as well as from the archived data while ensuring network configuration. They will also be responsible of informing other employees of their backup passwords.

The Disaster plan is categorized into three sections with respect to their execution.

Before Disaster

Before the disaster, the disaster recovery plan ensures preparation to lessen the affect of disaster. Following procedures are in order to ensure that the disaster makes a minimum impact on the business.

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