Essay: Disaster Recovery Policy Statement

Essay: Disaster Recovery Policy Statement
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The purpose of this policy is to adopt strategies to ensure safe backup and restoration of data, which is stored on company’s server, Fileshare Server and employees’ computers. This includes ELI’s confidential documents, customer and vendor documentations, employee records, project documents as well as data stored on BuildMaster.

These robust strategies will ensure the recovery of data under all circumstances including floods, earthquakes, major hardware or software failure, file deletion or any virus or hacker attack (South, 2004).

Business Critical Systems and Function

The following have been identified as business critical system and function for ELI Inc.

–          Project Management

The main business system of ELI Incorporated.

–          Warranty Services

Important system to provide support to the previously built accommodations.

–          Server Infrastructure

Provides ability to share and access information from BuildServer and FileShare PC.

–          BuildMaster

The database server contains critical information about ELI’s business.

Business Critical Resources and their Impact Analysis

–          Building

The building is an important resource because any damage to the building will lead to not only disabling of all systems in the primary site, but since the restoration of building is a long and lengthy process, the move to another location will cost the company dearly.

–          Electricity

In the case of power failure, nobody will be able to access information on BuildMaster and Fileshare PC and emails leading to significant cost to the company.

FileShare Server

The File Share computer is another critical resource for the ELI Inc. because it contains important files which are very important to keep the organization in working order. If it was render useless, the company would be unable to access critical files and would loose $1,000 in productivity for each hour its down.

Damage Assessment Plan

After the disaster, the damage assessment team will gain entry to the office premises and compile a report on the damage to

1) Utilities

2) Phone Lines

3) Software and Hardware.

4) Personnel

5) Building/Floor/Rooms/Furniture

Types of Disasters

The degree of disaster can be from a minor disruption to total destruction of the critical systems of ELI Inc.  Hardware and software failures, loss of files due to virus or hacker attack or any combination can severely impact the ability of ELI Inc. critical function.

For planning purpose, the disasters can be categorized into

–          Minor

The lowest level of disaster, which could allow for recovery within few hours with no major damage to existing resources.

–          Major

This type of disaster causes disruption of critical functions with recovery requiring additional resources and primary site still functional

–          Catastrophic

A situation which not only interrupts the critical functions of ELI Inc. but also requires operations to be moved to a secondary location while recovery is being carried out at primary site with additional resources (Texas, 2004).

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