Essay: Discrimination of Irish American

Essay: Discrimination of Irish American
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Discrimination of Irish Catholics in America had crossed its limits mid 19th century and this was the time when the Know Nothing Movement came into being. The purpose of this movement was to drive all Irish Catholics out of the government offices as they were corrupting it with their drinking, brawls and martyring people and families. Around 1860 almost near the twentieth century, it was clear to the Irish men that Americans would not hire them and this was the time when NINA came into being. NINA stands for NO IRISH NEED APPLY and was a common title for signs in London in the early nineteenth century (Fanning 2000).

Irish Catholics kept their heritage alive in America also. Their heritage reflected exile, nostalgic themes, and Diaspora (Fleming 2004). It was not clear as to what extent the citizens of Ireland wanted to stay connected to their culture and heritage however things with the European countries were taking a favorable turn and thus multiculturalism was more common and acceptable at this time (Miller 1985).

The Irish were exclusive among migrants. They ferociously appreciated America but never gave up their loyalty to Ireland…and they reserved their detestation of the English (Quinlan 2005). Twice they tried to attack Canada, believing that they could do business on the Canadian grounds for Ireland’s liberty. In Pennsylvania they created a covert association called the Molly Maguires to battle mine owners who abused the men working in the mines along with their families. They trapped mine owners, hit, and even murdered them. The Irish used atrocious methods to fight evil tyranny (Bayor & Timothy 1997). They admired America for everything they learnt and obtained from there and happily fought all the wars for her. The famous Irish Brigade was a group formed during the civil war.

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