Essay: Discrimination in Terms of Race

Essay: Discrimination in Terms of Race
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On the other hand, if the case was concerning other aspects like discrimination in terms of the race then the handling of the whole issue would have been different. For example, if Ayden was a black boy who was insulted by racist remarks from Toni, his of the grandmother would have been more aggravated. This is because the insult of her grandson on the basis of his race would also be diminishing to her.

If Toni was a white girl who had attired mean and racist words to Ayden. It is possible that there would be an exchange of words between her mother and his grandmother. It is most probable that Toni’s mother would have belittled Ayden’s presence in the school, for example accusing Ayden of definitely having had a chance to join the school based on his sports scholarship. At the same time, Ayden may also have been more aggressive to Toni. This is because she would have injured his pride to the point of retorting back at her. The reason is that blacks are known to be more aggressive and defensive to their image and their race.

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