Essay: Discussion on Californian health care

Essay: Discussion on Californian health care
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It supports my opinion because the other article also describe the healthcare conditions in the state of California which creates the open discrimination among peoples who are seeking for the better health care facilities and because of these uninsured policies at the end of the day they pay comparatively higher prices from the insured patients which seems to be biased and it supports my point of view which became more reliable after studying different articles  concerning to the health care system in state of California for the uninsured patients.

This paper also summarizes about those uninsured patients whose expenses were covered by their auto- insurance policies. To get the output authors used different data collection techniques and methods from the (OSPHD) which depicts the net level revenue classified in the uninsured patients category and insured patients’ category. As far as the category of uninsured patients is concerned different classifications exist, the patients who are outside of California and come to California because of highly specialized services which are 0.6%. Auto insurance covered patients also come under in that category and the commercial patients who pay relatively high prices from all the above mentioned categories also come under the uninsured patient’s category ( Melnick & Fonkych, 2008).

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