Essay: Discussion of Current Memory Technologies

Essay: Discussion of Current Memory Technologies
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DDR or Double Data Rate memory is a type of Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM) technology which transfers data twice per clock in comparison to SDRAM. The DDR memory clock speed range from 200MHz to 400 MHz and supports data transfer speed to and from processor in the range of 1600MB/sec to 3200MB/sec.


DDR 2 stands for Double Data Rate 2 SDRAM. Memory modules with DDR2 technology transfer the data at twice the speed of DDR. Also because of the improved design, a DDR2 memory module consumes much less power as compared to its DDR counterpart. Its bus speeds range from 400 MHz to 800MHz and its data transfer rate starts from 3200 MB/sec to 6400 MB/sec. DDR2 RAM has seen a wide use in PCs and Laptops alike. But it’s now being replaced by DDR3 RAM (Arpaci-Dusseau, Patterson, & Hennessy, 2007).

Current Technology – DDR3 SDRAM

The DDR 3 memory transfers the data at thrice the speed of DDR. Memory modules with DDR3 technology support much higher bus speeds that DDR and DDR2, hence their transfer rate is also significantly higher than them. DDR3 bus speed ranges between 800 MHz and 1600 MHz which can transfer data at the rate exceeding 12000 MB/sec. The DDR3 technology is a relatively new technology and hence is quite expensive. Also, motherboards supporting DDR3 are still coming into the market; hence the choice of selection of motherboard with DDR3 support is limited.

Recommended Solution

The DDR3 RAM offers a significantly higher speed in data transfers than its predecessors. However, when it comes to price, this advantage is somewhat reduced. DDR2 also offers a competitive performance and since it’s widely supported, therefore the selection available for motherboard offers a number of options for the company to make a choice from. Hence the use of DDR2 RAM is recommended.

Operating System

For the Internet application to run on the server system, an operating system is required that can fully exploit the capabilities of the hardware as well as provide and support necessary services required to run the application. Also, since the Internet application would be storing important and confidential data, therefore it is the requirement that the operating system should have enough security measures in it and should be reliable to perform under stress as well.  There are two operating systems that are mostly preferred by web hosting companies for this purpose.

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