Essay: Discussion on UKs Educational Globalisation

Essay: Discussion on UKs Educational Globalisation
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Before globalization took hold of the higher education market, the UK higher education sector focussed its international marketing efforts on the quality of its education.  Other countries could compete on other factors; however, it was a widely acknowledged fact that the quality of education in the UK was second to none.

This created a situation where the UK was recognized as the center of quality and excellence, and in addition to this, UK qualifications were generally widely accepted, hence the attraction to the UK higher education system.  This system also has its international marketing centrally controlled by the British Council which is the voice and brand of UK higher education. The University of Bradford, however, has made significant efforts to internationalize and market itself to the international students by making itself much more assisting and beneficial destination for postgraduate education for them. The University, as a result, has achieved a superior reputation when it comes to providing support, and assistance to the international student body.

However, as knowledge and information becomes widely available, the need to travel outside one’s home country for education decreases as skills and knowledge levels are increased in the source countries

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