Essay: Diseases Identical to Alzheimer’s

Essay: Diseases Identical to Alzheimer’s
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Diseases which are identical to Alzheimer’s disease include Pick’s disease, Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and Wilson’s disease. Pick’s disease is the closest match and sometimes it is almost impossible to distinguish between the patients of Alzheimer’s and Pick’s disease. However, there are disorders such as eating too much, hyper activity of sexual cognition and ecstatic temperament (Lawlor, 1996).

Huntington’s disease is termed to be incurable to date and has symptoms such as instinctive embarrassing and twisted. Finally, Parkinson’s and Wilson’s disease are also associated with primary dementia alike that seen in Alzheimer’s patients (Lawlor, 1996).

Most researchers now concur that women are at elevated danger for sustaining Alzheimer’s disease than men are, even when their longer life spans are taken into consideration. It is not clear precisely why women are more susceptible to the illness. Researchers are learning whether reducing levels of estrogen after menopause are accountable.

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