Essay: Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

Essay: Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)
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A distributed denial of service attack is a variant of DoS attack which is carried out using multiple systems. These systems flood the bandwidth or resource of a target system, usually a web server, in order to bring its services down. A typical DDoS system usually involves thousands of machines which are then made to carry out the attack at the same time. To carry out a DDoS, these systems are first compromised, largely through the use of a Trojans, which allow the attacker to download a zombie agent on the systems, which is then used to execute the attack.

These zombie agents can either be time activated or can be controlled by the attacker. In the scenario, where the zombie agents needs to be remotely activated, the attacker uses a client program in order to connect to another set of compromised systems called handler, which are used to issue the attack commands to the zombie agents. These zombie agents are then compromised through the use of handlers by the attacker, who uses the automated routines to exploit the vulnerabilities in the programs running on the remote systems, to accept connections running on the target remote hosts. In this way, each handler is capable of controlling up to thousands of agents. This collection of automated system compromisers is known as a BotNet. The advantage that DDoS offer over traditional DoS attacks is that multiple machines can generate more attack traffic than a single machine, the complex and distributed nature of BotNet makes it difficult for the administrating team of the attacked system stop the attack and that the behavior of each of the attacking machine could be stealthier, which would make it difficult to detect as well (Lau, Rubin, Smith & Trajkovic, 2000).

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