Essay: DNA Structure Analysis and Treatment of Patients

Essay: DNA Structure Analysis and Treatment of Patients
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Efforts are being made for computers to be able to prescribe medicine appropriately. There is a science known as PharmacoGenomics and it compiles all the gene types and associates them with their corresponding toxic medications. Computer chip containing gene information will soon be powered after the doctors filch DNA sample of patient containing the gene information. Today researches are being made on high throughput screening which means to analyze drug samples using robotic devices and these devices suggests the specific drugs to be matched with patient’s genes (Tripod, 2008).

GP Surgeries

Medicine has flourished so much by the use of computer technology that a day will come when all the human surgeons would be replaced by robots and robotic devices. The impacts of computer technology are very profound and progressing more to facilitate the humanity (Tripod, 2008).

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